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How do I create an account?

Click the "Begin Individual Nomination" button, then right-click on "Create an Account." Be sure to open the "Create an Account" page in a new tab. Once you've created a new account, come back to the nomination page and complete your forms.

How do I nominate someone else?

Click the "Home" tab, then the blue "Begin Individual Nomination" button. Select "I am nominating someone else," then follow the prompts to complete the nomination form.

I've created new accounts to complete nomination forms for other people. How can they log in to complete follow-up information?

The people you've nominated will receive a separate email asking them for follow-up information. When they sign in, they will see a link on the page to reset their passwords.

How can I see my nomination and disclosure of interest forms?

You can find your forms in the navigation bar on the left of this page. You can also find them under the "My Account" tab by clicking "My Applications." You will see links to all your forms, whether they need attention, are in progress, or complete.

What does "Needs Attention" Mean?

"Needs Attention" means we've requested a Disclosure of Interest Form to follow up on your nomination.

Can I copy a previously completed form to another committee?

Yes. Just choose "Complete" from the left navigation bar, scroll to the form you'd like to copy, then click "Copy Application."

You will now see a screen on which you can select another topic/area of interest, then the committee name to which you want to copy your form. If you're copying a committee nomination form, remember to update your Statement of Interest to address eligibility for the copied committee.

Why do I see several Individual Nomination Forms listed among my "Complete" applications?

NQF allows nominees to select up to three topics/areas of interest during form completion. Each topic/area of interest you select will appear as a separate nominaton form.

Why did I receive multiple emails requesting Disclosure of Interest forms?

NQF requires a separate nomination form for each committee on which you ask to be seated.

When will I hear if I've been selected?

Please note nominees may not be contacted immediately. NQF accepts nomination forms year-round and considers new nominees as openings for experts become available or during a project's formal Call for Nominations period.


  • Consideration of new nominees will begin once a formal Call for Nominations closes.
  • NQF may follow up with you if there are questions about your nomination or needs more information.
  • Once NQF is ready to seat a committee, we will follow up with a request for a Disclosure of Interest Form and to confirm nominee availability for the calls/meeting dates; nominees must be available for the calls and meetings to be eligible for consideration.